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    We provide services that focus on getting the best from individuals and their organisations.
    These include the provision of leadership development services and organisational capacity building.

Who we are

About Us

John Robinson and Associates started business in July 1996. Our initial work focused on managing organisational transitions within government. Our success in this area resulted in John Robinson Consulting Services Pty Ltd incorporating in Melbourne Australia at the end of 1997.

In 1998 we expanded our area of interest into the retail automotive sector, in particular developing a long term relationship with BMW Group Australia and New Zealand. In 1998 we also secured long-term contracts with the Australian Public Service Commission and continue to work in partnership with the Commission, providing a range of management development programs.

In 2000 JRCS began working with Indigenous organisations, particular in northern Australia, with a focus on building organisational capability. This work continues to be an important part of our business. In 2010 we commenced a business relationship with Victoria Police and since this time have provided leadership development and strategy services to the organisation. In 2015 we began developing eLearing packages in the areas of strategy, critical thinking, performance feedback and negotiation; packages that both stand alone and complement face to face training that we undertake.

We have a core team of professionals, each skilled and experienced in multiple sectors and subjects. Our team is a stable one and made up of individuals with significant professional and life experience. This underpins our ability to accurately access circumstances, and craft and deploy effective solutions. In short – we know what we are doing.
We are a “T” shaped organisation with broad experience across industry sectors as well as substantial expertise in working with government, the automotive sector and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Australia.
We are an organisation that delivers services designed to enhance organisational performance. We are an organisation that practices what we preach by utilising Lean and agile approaches to manage our business. This means that clients pay only for our expertise and not for the overheads and inefficiencies that plague larger consulting firms


Unsail About

Our Clients

JRCS has steadily built its customer base since 1997.
We regularly provide services to:

  • Australian Competition and Consumer Commission
  • Australian Federal Police
  • Australian Government Department of Agriculture & Water
  • Australian Government Department of Defence
  • Australian Government Department of the House of Representatives
  • Australian Government Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet
  • Australian Government Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet - Indigenous Network
  • Australian Government Department of Social Services
  • Australian Government Department of the Treasury
  • Australian Institute of Health and Welfare
  • Australian Public Service Commission
  • BMW Group Australia
  • BMW Group New Zealand
  • Court Services Victoria
  • Geoscience Australia
  • Indigenous Business Australia
  • Indigenous Land Corporation
  • Victoria Police
  • Victorian Government Department of Health

Our Services


Effective leadership under pins success in organisations irrespective of their purpose, structure and operation. JRCS works with organisations and individuals within them to build leadership capability.

We specialise in developing blended learning solutions to build leadership capacity over the longer term. These programs range from three months to a year in duration.

We also deliver standalone training modules that support short term leadership development in areas such as Strategic Thinking, Influencing and Persuasion, Negotiation, Organisational Ethics, Team Dynamics, Process Engineering, Change and Transition Management and Performance Management.


Our people are all skilled and experienced facilitators. They utilise a range of facilitation techniques including the use of Open Space technology, World Cafe approaches and Appreciative Inquiry, as well as more traditional facilitation approaches.

We have been facilitating planning meetings and similar fora since 1996 and have developed approaches to facilitated events that ensure that outcomes are achieved.


We have significant experience in process engineering in the workplace. For example JRCS has been fortunate to have been involved with BMW Group Australia since 1998 in the implementation of BMW’s international quality and performance programs; Quality Management Autohaus and Retail Performance Management. These quality focused business development programs involves BMW dealerships in mapping and maintaining business processes to support continuous improvement activity and sustained profitability.


JRCS has developed an approach to reviewing organisations that combines elements of strategy, performance measurement, process engineering, stakeholder / client engagement and employee perception to produce an evidenced based, accurate picture of an organisations current and potential capabilities.


We actively partner with organisations to advance Indigenous opportunity, and consult to government agencies responsible for the delivery of services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders, particular in remote Australia.

We also actively work with Indigenous organisations to build organisational capacity utilising tools that we have specifically developed for this purpose.


JRCS offers a number of strategy services (strategic thinking, leadership, planning and strategic foresight) including professional development and training services at all levels. JRCS helps organisations do scenario planning and environmental and horizon scanning. for organisations JRCS facilitates horizon scanning networks including the Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Network (AJASN).


JRCS offers eLearning packages that can be used as a stand-alone learning resource or to complement face to face training that we offer.

Our brochure (download here) describes our current eLearning modules.

To arrange a demo of our current eLearning modules or to ask us about building a custom-made module to meet your specific needs contact us.

Australasian Joint Agencies Scanning Network

We run the AJASN horizon scanning network. Visit the AJASN website to find out more.


John Robinson creates short videos (1 to 3 minutes) canvassing:

  • Key learning & development ideas taught in our professional development and training courses
  • Scenarios and horizon scans that we have developed with clients

The Consultants

Our Team

John Robinson

John's areas of expertise and interest includes leadership development (particular in the public sector), business development in the automotive sector and working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander organisations.

Linden Robinson

Business Manager

Linden has a solid background in the education sector. Her focus in JRCS is on quality control of curriculum development and program administration.

Rod Morrison
Senior Consultant

Leadership development, capacity building, business development (retail automotive)

Rod has worked with JRCS since 1998. Rod has particular experience in leadership and management development. He is also a skilled facilitator with a proven ability to get the most from groups. Rod also has a solid background in organisational capacity building within the foreign aid sector and Indigenous Australia.

Gail Laughton-Gibbs
Senior Consultant

Gail joined JRCS in 2014. Gail was a senior manager in Government Indigenous Affairs for more than 30 years. Gail has a particular expertise in remote area service provision and capacity building.

Kate Delaney
Senior Consultant


Kate joined JRCS in 2008. Kate is highly regarded in Australia for her strategy and foresight (‘futures’) work. Kate is a talented strategist, bringing to the table more than 30 years of experience in the Canadian Government and as a consultant in Australia and New Zealand.

Her work spans a number of topic areas such as agriculture, biosecurity, change management, defence, food, and service delivery in government. She helps our clients take into account the future so they make better decisions today.

Chris Baker
Senior Consultant

Lean & 5s

Chris specialises in the application of Lean and 5S methods to enhance and sustain workplace productivity. Chris is a former Lean Champion, Asia Pacific Region and more recently has applied his experience to the public sector and in particular the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Government Department of Communications and the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Organisations.

Jenny Pryor
Senior Consultant

Indigenous Leadership

Jenny has been associated with JRCS since 2010.

Jenny is a Bindal woman from Townsville. She is a former Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission commissioner and the CEO of Bindal Sharks. Jenny has significant experience in developing and delivering leadership programs tailored for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and particularly women, including what is recognised as a ground breaking program working with women in prison.

Greg Gibbs
Senior Consultant

Greg joined JRCS in 2012. Greg has workd as a senior manager in government Indigenous Affairs for more than 30 years. Greg has particular expertise in building the capscity of Indigenous organisations in remote northern Australia.

Greg Johnston
Senior Consultant

Greg has 20 years’ experience in human resource development, organisational change, program and project management together with significant experience in community strengthening. Greg has an in depth of knowledge and experience in the mechanics of government and the challenges involved working with processes to meet the requirement of governance and legislation.

Jaki Halliday
Senior Consultant

A former practicing solicitor, Jaki has over 10 years’ experience working in human resources with, and for the Australian Public Service (APS). Jaki has held senior management roles in leading APS agencies where she has been responsible for a range of HR functions. Jaki now specialises in management and leadership development, HR, policy writing, executive and organizational coaching.

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